For the most secure online transactions, don't trust just anyone. Trust IdenTrust SSL. We put the Trust in Identity.

Multi Domain IdenTrust SSL Certificates
Assert your domain name and your organization's identity in a trusted way while receiving all the benefits of our Standard SSL certificates and:
  1 certificate for up to 4 domains, subdomains or hostnames for the base price
  Additional domains $35 for 1 year and as low as $32/year for a 2-year certificate
  Up to 50 domains, subdomains or hostnames when using online registration
  Unlimited servers' licenses
  Only one IP address for all services, simplifying configuration and management
  IdenTrust Trust Seal
  The best price/performance of any SSL Certificate in the market
  Quick and easy registration of your SSL Certificate
  2048-bit SSL Certificate using the SHA-2 algorithm
  Support for 256-bit and 128-bit encryption strength
  An experienced global Certification Authority with more than 5 million users
  Warranty coverage of up to $10 Million
Seal Of Protection
IdenTrust Trust Seal All IdenTrust SSL certificates come with a trusted, visible Seal of Protection. Posting it on your website today, will let your customers know their transactions are validated, authentic, and protected.